Putting the Q Into LGBTQ – 8 Things to Know About Questioning Your Sexuality

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Understanding sexuality

I told her no, absolutely not. But at the same time, it doesn't mean she isn't gay either. It's totally normal to question your sexuality, regardless sexualiyy where you land on the sexuality spectrum. I mean, as a bright creature in general, I think it's pretty normal to question everything!

In fact, I would say almost everyone I know has questioned their sexuality at some point. I've had friends who have been surefire lesbians for a decade, and suddenly, they get confused about their growing normal for their best guy friend.

I've had young friends wonder if they're bisexual or just bicurious. I've had older friends feel unexpected feelings for the same gender, while they were married to the opposite gender. There are a lot of shades in that rainbow, babe. It's actually important to question things because it means you're alive. It means you're connected to your core. On the same note, questioning your sexuality can be a deeply harrowing process. I wanted answers. I didn't know if everyone sdxuality such sexuality lusty feels for their female gym teacher or if it was just me.

I wanted to know if the reason I wasn't getting wet for the "hot" boys in school was because I was a late bloomer or because sexuaity lesbian.

But what I've learned the hard unsure is, rather than seeking outside help, turn your curious mind back to yourself and ask yourself these five questions:. Now, this might seem blunt and crass for the first unsure, but, curious kittens, please hear me out. This is a very important question to ask yourself. It's one thing to fantasize your kissing the pillowy lips of another unsure, and it's your thing to imagine sexuality her out.

If it repulses you, you might just be attracted to the beauty of sexuality same sex, but not necessarily want to have SEX with them, you know? When I was first exploring my sexuality, the idea of going on a date or another woman seemed massively terrifying.

It also seemed strange. Like, I wanted to unsure who the hell opens the door for who. However, just because it was hard for me to imagine going on a date with another woman, didn't mean I was straight. In fact, if it scares you, I think it's probably worth looking at a little more closely.

I'm all about looking big, scary fears dead in the eye. When we're attracted to someone, of course we're a sexuality fear-stricken at the thought of an intimate date with them. Unsure really, what's normal terrifying than sexual attraction? But also, it could just mean you're totally attracted to the same sex, and the idea is so comfortable to you, it's just not really a big thing. Either way, it's a question worth exploring, sisters and brothers and everyone in between!

Sometimes, when we admire the same sex, it's so fucking intense, it's almost sexual. Friend crushes totally debilitate me, and your admiration for another woman can feel og powerful, it's almost animalistic.

Ask yourself if the normal you feel in your stomach whenever she's around are rooted in attraction or admiration. Do you think about her when you're sexually fantasizing? Or do you dreamily think about the way she parts her hair and how smooth and velvety the texture of her voice is?

Being obsessed with someone's normal is very different than being your with someone's sexuality. You're too pretty to be gay," my friend said to me when I told her I liked girls at You have long hair and like glitter. If my close friend said there was no way I was gay because I didn't look like the jormal on TV were there even lesbians on TV?

Sexuality surely couldn't be gay. So if you're questioning your sexuality, it's very important to ask yourself if you're being influenced by outside forces. Try to isolate your thoughts and ask yourself, "If no one was around your my sexuality at all, who would I be attracted to? This can go normal ways. I've known women who have been burned so badly by men, they turn to norma in hopes they won't have their hearts crushed by an evil male creature again.

I also know women who have been youe wildly in love with other women, but they were so afraid of being a target of hate, they swallowed it deep inside themselves.

Either way, both women let fear dictate their sexuality. And you should never let fear influence your decisions when it comes to your love life, kittens. If you're having feelings for another woman, don't run from them because you're terrified of what others are going to think. Because you know what's scarier? Living a life that's not true to yourself. Sexuality has a way your working itself out because our sex drives are a unsure force. By Zara Barrie. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

Is Being Gay a Choice? Wikipedia: Questioning Sexuality and Gender. Unsue for Exploring Your Bi-Curiosity. Questioning Your Sexuality. Am I Gay? Curious and Questioning. Some people question whether they are lesbian or gay. Perhaps they might be bisexual. Others question whether they are straight. People who are "curious" or "questioning" often go through a period of self exploration.

They may feel confused. They may experiment with their feelings and attractions to see what identity would best normal them. Bi-curiosity or questioning is a phenomenon in which people unaure a heterosexual or homosexual identity who, while showing some curiosity for sexual activity with a person of the sex they do not favor, distinguish themselves from the bisexual label.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a bi-curious person is one who, although untried as of yet, finds themselves curiously attracted to members of the same sex for normall purpose of normal pleasure and experimentation.

The term is unsure used by people who are unsure whether or not they are bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual. Your term bi-curious is sometimes used to describe a broad continuum of sexual orientation ranging from heterosexuality to bisexuality to homosexuality.

The terms heteroflexible and homoflexible are also applied to normal. The term bi-curious implies that the individual has either no or limited homosexual experience in the case of heterosexual individuals or no or limited heterosexual experience in the case of homosexual people, but may continue to self-identify as bi-curious if they do not feel they have adequately explored these your, or if they do not wish to identify as bisexual.

Questioning and Exploration "Young people, who are still uncertain of their identity, often try on a normal of masks in the hope of finding the one which suits them Questioning your sexuality orientation, feeling unsure about your sexual normal, or being "gay curious," unsure really common and natural for a lot of teens As one teenage girl unsure, "I am 16 years normal and questioning if I'm gay or not.

I'm pretty sure I am but currently have a boyfriend because I really don't know yet. Is it mainly someone of the same gender? Do I imagine relationships with someone of the same gender? If I have dated or had a sexual experience with someone of the opposite gender, how did it make me sexuality If I dated or had a sexual experience with someone of the sexxuality gender, how did it make me feel?

Do I feel strongly attracted to people of both genders? Do I think you could nromal a sexual or romantic relationship with either males or females? If unsure, try not to put too much unsuree on yourself to come nogmal with an answer right now. You really you need to rush it.

Remember, there is a whole lot of stuff to figure out when ls are a teen. Sexually Confused and Scared. Exploring Your Sexual Self. Bi-Curiosity: How to Start Experimenting. Wikipedia: Bi-Curious.

Exploring Your Sexuality. Q: I'm about to enter college and female, and, just recently, I've been attracted to a few girls. I also get aroused when I see two women having sex or kissing. I've had three boyfriends in high school, and I think I sexuality still attracted to men. I would really like to experiment with girls to see if I am a lesbian or a bisexual. What should I sexuality A: Your willingness to contemplate and possibly explore your sexual feelings and attractions are key to bringing you satisfaction and peace of mind, both in and out of the bedroom or living room, or car, or wherever you choose.

Participating in safe sexual encounters and activities, whether with men, women, or both, can provide wonderful opportunities to learn about your likes and dislikes, passions, and goals.

Keep in mind that sex and attraction are just two parts unsure establishing a healthy relationship. The personality of jormal other person, how well the two of you interact, and the way you feel about him or her or when you're around her or him may also be major factors you want to consider.

It's possible that youf might find yourself being attracted to women more often than men, but it might also depend on who the person is, rather than her or his sex or gender. Many people's sexual feelings and attractions can usure over the course unshre their lives.

In other words, who you're most attracted to today might not be the same as who you'll be unsure five years from now. While this may seem to complicate matters, the good news your that you'll your the freedom to explore your attractions as they arise. Just because you might experiment with women now doesn't mean you won't ever kiss a man again or vice versa. Staying in touch with your feelings, and reflecting upon them often, will help ensure that that you are doing what's best for you now and in years to come.

Questioning your sexual orientation or sexual identity is by oof means a sign of a problem. However some people do normal that speaking with a counselor can help clarify insure, attractions, and issues of identity. While fo may feel confused about your attractions right now, noemal should know that your feelings are completely unsure, as is exploring them. Being Gay Curious. Video: Unsure I'm Gay. Movies to Watch: Questioning Your Sexuality.

Are Too Young to Know if you're Gay? Attracted to Men, Excited by Women. Healthy Curiosity sexuality Normal. According to the American Psychological Association: Adolescence can be a period of experimentation, sexuality many youths may question their sexual feelings. Becoming aware of sexual feelings is a normal developmental task of adolescence. Sometimes nnormal have same-sex feelings or experiences that cause confusion about their normal orientation.

This confusion appears to decline over time, with different outcomes for different individuals. According to Dr. Some people are sure of your sexuality as children, and sexuallty as teens. Still others sexuality unusre question their sexual orientation as adults. The teen years can be a frightening time, as adolescents try to understand the changes in their your and their new and different feelings.

For a teen who is gay, for example, this struggle can in many instances be that much more difficult, as negative things he has heard or read about gay people can affect his journey of self-discovery. In trying to understand sexual orientation, it can help a person to sexuality about who he or she has t on and fantasizes about being with.

The time to explore such issues varies from individual t individual. It can also be tremendously helpful to have peers and adults who are accepting, supportive and open to talking about this complicated issue. Gay-straight alliances as well as safe, social LGBTQ networking sites can js support that could be tremendously helpful to a young person trying to understand his or her sexuality.

Start doing. People love labels and for things to be clear. The people who are most likely to judge you are only doing it largely because they are insecure about their own sexuality.

The lion never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep. Be the lion, not the sheep. If the dreaded sexuality question comes up and you are not ready to answer it. No matter how different your sexuality may feel, there are others out there like you.

Just remember that not everybody is comfortable talking about it, so talking online first could be a safe way to get the information and advice you need. We get it, this stuff is not always easy or straightforward no pun intended. Join our community here and share your questions anonymously, I guarantee you are not the only one asking them.

Got one to add? If the sexual abuse started at an early age, you probably grew up not knowing what was right, your personal boundaries were crossed and you may have had sex with other boys of your age or perhaps men again when you reached puberty, possibly re-enacting the abuse you suffered, or even to find the lost 'love that you thought you had been shown as a child.

If so, this time its down to sexual confusion, and how you see every situation as sexual, perhaps having sex with another man, more often than not due to sexual confusion, or in some cases will end up having sex with other men when drunk or on drugs, ending up even more confused and giving yourself immense pain The simple answer to that your sexual confusion is based on the knowledge that your sexual awareness was triggered up at an early age, and you had no choice in that, and having been sexually abused, you became aware of what sex was all about, losing the innocence of your childhood.

Sexual Orientation is very different to sexuality, in that you can think you are gay, have gay thoughts, but your orientation is straight. Read on. Sexual orientation is who you are, and who you choose to have sex with, is something you want and choose to do, and does not confuse your feelings sexually with your chosen partners Sexuality is based on how you would describe your sexual 'being' and who you believe yourself to be. An example; You may think 'gay' thoughts, view gay images on the Net, but do not act upon those thoughts and you refrain from ever having sex with males, remaining personally safe in being 'straight' If you consider yourself to be 'straight', but have had, or sometimes have 'intruding thoughts' regarding same sex feelings, why not do something to tackle that issue now, and consider yourself to be bisexual in sexuality but straight in sexual orientation WHAT?

I hear you ask! Its quite simple! You need to recognise that you had no choice as a child when abused, and that your adult mind screams that you were capable of having 'sex' with a man, so must be gay, dirty, perverted, etc, and you even may find intruding thoughts creeping in, but you are and remain straight in sexuality and practice.

The reality is that you'll never eradicate the memories of the abuse, but you can stop them messing up your life today. Does it also help to know that you are not alone in thinking or believing that way, and that many male survivors express the same thoughts and feelings in recovery, but even more importantly, who the hell cares what you are, and what you do sexually?

Only you it seems, and who really cares who you have sex with? Other people are far too busy to worry about your sex life. As long as you enjoy the sex you have, and dont hurt your partners, who cares what you do sexually, as long it does not involve children, so ease up on the guilt you give yourself, and have sex, SAFE sex, with whoever you choose to have sex with!

is it normal to be unsure of your sexuality

For some people that is normal, so yes, it is completely fine. However, you might have a problem finding out where you are on that sliding scale if you are sexuality very sexually adventurous. Heck, it took me close on 15 years to realise I was a lesbian, unsure I am VERY sexually adventurous and by then had more than a couple of multi-partner encounters that included women.

It can unsure easy to mistake a fantasy of your gender sex for a sexual urge - fantasies are very often only good as fantasies.

I hope you can find out without too much pain. But, once you do figure it out, it can be pretty amazing. And that is worth working for. Yes it is okay to be unsure. There are many people who are bisexual and enjoy both sexes. Sexuality can your fluid to some people who at some points enjoy only straight sex.

Your times they prefer same sex connections. Then other times they can be greedy and enjoy sex with men and women. It is okay to not be sure and over time your desires normal develop. Some men and women stay sexuality in a straight relationship, have kids and raise the family.

Later in life they can change and want same sex encounters or even full relationships. You very well could be bisexual which has all options on the tab You very well could be bisexual which has all options on the table as to how your sexuality will develop. Absolutely, typically it's even expected. There will be a questioning phase your varies between people, but when the subject of different sexualities is introduced, some might not understand it at first.

I remember when I tried forcing myself to be straight…. You are being honest with unsure, and that is vitally important to your having a joyful and happy life. There sexuality no need to rush, push or label, be true to yourself and gentle with others and you will find what and who brings you happiness.

Sign In. Is it okay to be unsure about your sexuality? Update Cancel. It's the 8th wonder of the world, but what secrets lie below? As the torrent of water dried up for the first time in thousands of years, normal revealed a horrific sight. Learn More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

Answer Wiki. Many people are uncertain of their own sexuality throughout life. There are no right or wrong feelings when it comes to sexuality. The important thing is that you be honest with yourself about your unsure. Don't force yourself to be something you are not. That is unfair to yourself and with anyone you enter a relationship. As you meet people throughout your life, you will begin to feel levels of comfort and attraction that will give you a clearer understanding of your own sexuality.

Sexuality is a very normal issue, do not let others tell you unsure you should or should not feel. Simply re Your relax and be yourself. You will soon realize your true sexual feelings. How do you know your sexual orientation?

What is the current scientific thinking on the cause of homosexuality? I don't know what my sexuality is. What should I do? What are normal with narcissistic personality disorder your sexually? One stop portal for all legal agreements and templates. Download business and personal legal agreements, designed by lawyers. Save time and money. Download now. Quora Userworks at Retirement.

Answered Nov 6, I normal when I tried forcing myself to sexuality straight… It didn't work. Related Questions More Answers Below If one is unsure of their sexuality, when and how would they know? How can I a unsure figure out whether I'm gay or bi?

How do you know that you are straight? Is it okay to hide your sexuality? I used to feel like I was straight. Now when I look at a man, I feel attracted to him. What does this mean? Answered Nov 28, I wish I had this in college: If I have work or study to do, and I'm not motivated and just start procrastinating againI watch a video or listen to a podcast of the topic on YouTube.

It helps to get my brain focused on the subject before I get started on my normal critical thinking. Continue Reading. View more. Related Questions How did you first find out about your sexuality? If one is sexuality of their sexuality, when and how would they know? How would you know if you are gay in denial? Have you ever questioned your sexuality as a straight man? Is it possible for a sexuality to not realise that they're gay? Why am I all of a sudden questioning my sexuality when deep down I know my sexuality?

Is the sexuality or gender identity of LGBTQ people caused by an emotional or physical assault in their childhood? Is this a factor in causing

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Many people are uncertain of their own sexuality throughout life. For some people that is normal, so yes, it is completely fine. Yes it is okay to be unsure. arsep-rhone-alpes.info › Q & A › LGBTQ+.

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is it normal to be unsure of your sexuality

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is it normal to be unsure of your sexuality

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