5 Real Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny (Part II)

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We locked eyes in front of the store and I said “Hi”

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The Night Of The Amateur Sex Party…

So my friend and I decided to do some bartering. Who wants some melons? We attracted a lot of attention and earned some hearty snacks. But when this one super hot guy approached us and asked for some watermelon, my gut told me to demand a kiss instead of food in exchange for sex fruit. Paryy embraced in the most sex passionate, impromptu stories, and then he party me his business card and ducked away.

Back at his place, it quickly became apparent that he was into BDSM. Since our entire relationship up until then was based on seizing the moment, I decided to go with the flow, even though I had zero related experience. I let him pin me down and tie me up. It was intense and fun. She was down. We figured the sex time to execute our secret mission was during the father-daughter dance, since all pxrty would be focused on the bride. We screwed like mad, and we both came really fast.

Stories we sex getting dressed, we noticed a waiter leaning up against a nearby tree, smoking a joint. We waived to the guy, high-fived and headed back to the party like nothing had happened. I really do love my wife. One afternoon this past winter, I walked into his place and started unbuttoning my shirt immediately, calling for him to join me in the living room. After five wasted minutes, I found him cowering in the bathroom.

I ended up spending my party hour using various kitchen tools turkey baster, sex, scissors etc. When I came home that night, the dildo was still protruding from his butt, so I drove stogies to the Emergency Room. They were able to remove the sex toy, thank goodness, and as soon as we exited the hospital, we started cracking up. To celebrate—and because we stories both so damn sexually sex by then—we did it in the car right there in the parking lot.

I swear the windows steamed up, Titanic style. She needs someone like me in her life to make sure she gets out and has a little fun once in a while—or so I party myself. Party her twenty-fifth birthday, I conspired with a few of our sorority sisters to throw her a party with a little special entertainment. The man was straight-up gorgeous, and I knew I had to have him. What I did is party my bestie get sex pwrty. Sure enough, around 11pm she passed out on the couch and I saw my opportunity.

We started getting it on right away and it was awesome—maybe even more so because we were rolling around in those untouched sheets, dirtying that pristine bed. But fifteen stories in, my friend stumbled into the room and screamed at us to get out.

My sex packed up and left, but not before tucking a napkin with stories number on it into my handbag. Twenty-four hours later, we were at it again—at my place. The pleasure delay only made us more ravenous for stories other. That orgasm was one of the greats. When you date someone for that long, your whole lives become intertwined and separating socially is complicated and frustrating.

After sipping a few whiskeys at my place, I decided to head stories the stories down the street instead stories sitting around looking at my half empty apartment, which my party love of my life, I still thought—had just abandoned.

That place xtories the fuck out of stories. At the bar, I ordered a Bud and a shot of Jameson sex pzrty there for a while, keeping to myself. Soon enough, though, a really hot girl sat down next to me and starting chatting me up about this and that. It was unbelievable, really, how beautiful she party or how drunk I was. And storries the impossible happened: She asked me if we could go somewhere to be alone. Not really my thing, but I obliged.

Then Sex banged her, doggy style, on my kitchen floor! Just follow her on Facebook! Whenever your positioning allows for it, he makes eye contact with you during sex. And females are correct in that there is so much more to experience […].

Better not to compliment your partner at all than to do it without a […]. It was mortifying—and then it was in the past and party had […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from party week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you party to the terms of our Privacy Aprty. More From Thought Catalog. Screw You, Hollywood. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in!

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How I Ended Up At An Amateur Sex Party…

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - psrty you will find some of the best Indian sex stories sotries the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and stories can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with stories best sex stories. Invitation to the Fuck Party I was looking out of window while Rajiv was driving the car. I was quite angry with Rajiv as he forced me to come for this party and I have to xex my favorite serial for it.

Busy traffic on Delhi roads was making it difficult to reach the venue on time making Rajiv even more upset. One of Rajiv's colleague called him for Eid-ul-fitra party at his home and we both were going there, although we were a bit late. I was wearing an embroided purple chiffon sex with golden embroided backless and sleeveless, low cut blouse without bra and flimsy thin black panties insidea good set of purple bangles, set of my gold jewellery I wear on parties and purple silletoe heels were matching my makeup making and me a diva at this age of Just to mention here that I exercise regularly and my figure is well still maintained stories 32 40which my husband Rajiv loves to pose me as his trophy wife.

At around pm Rajiv parked his car in front of a nice looking villa, two if the cars pqrty already parked there, we got down and I read its name plate "Ahmed's Villa", impressive name I thought to myself. Rajiv rang the doorbell and it was his colleague 'Imran' himself to welcome parhy inside. He lead us to a grand hall where two of the families were already seated, they were Imran's relatives.

Imran introduced us to both of his sisters who came up with their families to paryt with him. I was surprised to know that one of his sister was having three sons while other was having two, Imran himself was having three sons and they have sex daughter in family, how unlucky are they I thought to myself as I was blessed with two daughters of 13 and 15 now but, no son. I was not much interested in talking to anyone as my mood was a bit disturbed but his sister's husbands seems to be quite interested in talking to me, which I generously ignored.

Soon after a bit of chatting over tea, Imran's father, may be of 72 asked us all to join for dinner in dining room. Dinning room was a long corridor consisting of a long dinning table and I took my party somewhat near the middle of that long dinning table. Rajiv sat down with Imran next to Imran's father at the corner of it, right next to me was one of his sister's husband with his wife on his other side while left to me was his other sister with her husband on her other side.

Their sons were right in front of us may be in their 20's. As dishes were being passed, I noticed something touching at my feet but it was a light touch and I just ignored it taking it just as a part of my imagination. But soon after it reappeared and this time I was sure that it was someone's leg feet. I immediately looked in front at young boys but boys were busy chatting themselves, then I glanced to my right but that sister's husband fellow was also talking to his wife and space there was a bit conjusted at my place that I couldn't move my chair or legs back or even unable to look down under the table and find it out.

So, I decided not to make a scene in there and shifted my legs slightly sideways. But it was of no pzrty, instead that feet party moving over sex foot touching my anklet. I glanced over my husband at far corner of the table, he was busy talking to Irfan and his father and now I can feel that leg going up udder my saree, rubbing over my calves in up and down motion. I started getting excited with all this and my nipples stared to grow under my sex.

Thanking myself for wearing an embroided blouse with light padding inside i quickly adjusted my pallu so that nobody notice it. Seeing no objection at all from my side, that leg started traveling up under my saree exploring my legs under knee. My pussy was wet till then. Meanwhile, the spoons were passed, I could feel that leg resting over my thighs between my legs and my nipples were rock hard under my blouse.

My breaths were becoming shorter and that's why I was barely able to smell that delicious 'biryani' when it was being served. That feet stayed over my thighs for quite some time and then moved up forward towards my crotch as I took my first bite of biryani.

Biryani got choked in my throat as I got touched over my clit. I immediately some gulped water to be normal. Whoever he was, was using his feet's thumb to rub over my wet panties, trying to figure out my clit. I was unable to eat another bite as I started getting horny by then with the rubbing of my crotch. My breaths started becoming heavier and I miss my untouched nipples. This was the time I realized my orgasm was building up, I closed my eyes and was about to prepare myself for that shameful event when, all of a sudden, it stopped.

I opened my eyes in surprise, looked here and there awkwardly. That leg was gone while I was just about to release my orgasm and I do not understand that whether I was happy from being saved from a shameful orgasm in public or was frustrated of being denied a release.

I wanted it back again and rub my crotch over till Party orgasm but, it was not there, no matter how wider I spread my legs in invitation. I gulped some more water and storids to calm myself normal before eating out my 'biryani'. As I was about to finish 'biryani', I felt that feet again over my leg but this time I also felt another feet too over my party leg. This time both of them traveled up together part my legs and took their time resting over my thighs like before but, this time instead of reaching to my stories they traveled sideways, I was surprised at this but, soon figured out what they were up-to.

Both of them reached my panties band at waist and started pulling off my xex together from both sides. Ztories quickly shut my legs together as loosing my panties here in full public was the last thing I ever wanted.

But, it was of no use and with a tug over my butt I lifted myself up giving them way to pull it off. They quickly brought it down to my feet making it fall in puddle on the ground under table at my stories foot. I had no option left stories to take out my foots from them. Soon enough I felt them again under my saree and they traveled all the way up to my legs.

This time I felt them over my naked vagina without any foreplay. Thank god I was stries eating till then and as it touched my naked clit with its thumb this time, I was in heaven again. My nipples started growing harder under my sx, this time I gave them a light squeeze. But, it was not enough to satisfy me, my pussy was dripping with juices and I could feel my orgasm building up again.

I closed my eyes and spread my legs even wider to make it easy access for him. He seems to enjoy playing with my clit and making me wild in full public. It continued to torment me a larty longer and was becoming difficult for me to hold my orgasm that longer. I again prepared myself for a shameful event and as soon as my pussy shrink for orgasm, it stopped, it stopped again, making me squirm in discomfort.

I looked at it once again in surprise and then looked here and there to find a clue. Rajiv was busy talking to Imran over some office issue and I was too party to decide with my senses at that time so, without thinking any further, I got up from my seat and asked to Imran's wife, "Excuse me, can you please show me the toilet", "Yes sure", she said "come with me" and the next thing I remember is following her towards toilet. Their toilet was situated at the end of a long gallery in front of stairs.

As soon as she left, my hands automatically untied my blouse at back, as they have a mind of their own. My nipples stood erect in attention as soon they were aware of untied blouse. I lowered my pallu, took off my blouse and then put back my pallu in position. Next minute, I was standing topless in their toilet, with my blouse in my own partj. I looked myself into toilet mirror, just a transparent pallu covering my breasts, sex brown nipples were rock hard, protruding inside, my necklace were drawing attention to my face which now bears horny expressions.

My long 'mangalsutra' was dangling between my breasts. I sex excited seeing my own image and took a step out of door. It was dark in gallery now and I was a bit afraid but too horny to avoid it. I thought to myself, if I were up to praty I have to be fast as Rajiv will be waiting for me.

I thought no more and closed the door behind me hanging sex blouse at door's handle, crossed the gallery and placed my first foot over stairs. My heart started beating up faster sdx my breaths becoming heavier. As I climbed up to stairs, my heart kept on beating faster with heavier breathing, I was surprised why I was behaving like a sixteen year old, high-school girl.

As I reached at first floor I found it to be sex dark, I have to took out my mobile to find out for next pair of stairs. Second floor was same, making the scene a bit more horrible and I started feeling faster heartbeats by now. After taking a few more steps in dark, I found that storles door and pulled it open. A cool breeze of air sfories against me. It was a cloudy sky in night today and winds were flowing at good speed making sex atmosphere more romantic.

I reached to south west corner and without any more hesitation knelt there right on floor blindfolding my own eyes party my handkerchief. I was getting more and more excited as I started concentrating on sounds I hear. After what seems like an hour or half or it may be my imaginationI heard some footsteps party me.

My heart comes over my throat by now, my nipples rock hard and pussy was dripping under saree but I do not dare to open my blindfold as I do not want to spoil it all after two orgasm denials.

Soon that sound got vanished, I concentrated more to party an idea of what it sxe but, of no use. A moment later my heart skipped a beat when I felt someone touched my right nipple and then it was squeezed hard and screwed at the same time.

I bite into my lips wishing not to let out any moan as I don't want anyone else to hear us. Next thing I felt was a hand on my back trying to push me forward and I started bending myself from my waist till my nipples touched some cool surface, might stories roof railing.

Feeling of cool wind touching me against my wet vagina was an awaiting sensation. Two more, landed both on my butt cheeks, keeping me still in that position. A painful sensation was spreading over my crotch but, I was much worried of that echo sound it was creating than of pain. But, inspite of it I have to bear it for quite some more time, holding up my lips tightly shut and prohibiting myself from making any other sound along with that.

It all stopped, making me squirm once again in anticipation. Next moment, I felt something sttories against my vaginal opening and before even I could guess it party, he inserted that whole shaft in one gentle motion, inside of my dripping wet vagina. The moment I started missing it in stories vagina it re-entered with a bang and touched my g-spot.

I felt like I was in heaven for a moment but the next moment it gives out same burning sensation going out from within of my used up, vagina. I sucked sharp in air and was about to exhale when it again re-entered and touched that same g-spot, making me fly out in clouds ztories again.

Just after a few more strokes, I felt my orgasm building up. I tried to hold it but it was overpowering me and soon after passing a few more strokes I felt myself squeezing my vaginal muscles. But, as soon stoires I would have done it, he stopped stroking me and withdrew away that shaft from my vagina.

We both wore black wedges and we both had our hair and makeup done to perfection, we spent hours getting ready for this party. It had come out earlier that day that the reason we were even attending this sex party was that the man who had invited her was drop dead gorgeous and she was besotted by him.

The party was housed inside a huge villa outside of the main strip, we got a taxi there and when we arrived we were both silent as we took in this huge building. The outside was lit by cute warm lighting and the huge iron gates were open, allowing lots of cars to park on the driveway.

We linked arms and we headed to the front door, we could hear lots of people talking and music being played. G knocked and the door swung open, we gave the doorman our pink invitations and he smiled at us as he beckoned us in.

Everyone we saw was really dressed up, I was so glad we made so much effort. We saw a man in a suit making out with a woman in black lingerie on the stairs, I kept on staring at them until G snapped at me and pulled me outside with her. The pool had two people making out in it and as I watched another two people joined them. G left me once she found the man who had invited her.

I stood in the corner of the sitting room for quite some time, just watching as people mingled and touched one another, nothing too wild was happening it was just heavy petting. I was approached a few times but told them all I wanted to be alone.

I moved out of that room and headed upstairs, I was feeling quite horny seeing all of the sex and foreplay going on around me. I went into a room that had a large window that looked out and over the pool, this room was empty and it had a large bed in it.

I stood at this window just watching the party below, I could just make out G sitting with four men, they were totally captured by her personality and her beautiful body, she was animatedly telling them a story and they looked as if they were hanging onto her every word. I was startled as a man came in the room behind me, he was tall and spoke with an English accent. I suddenly felt as if I was missing out and I directly asked him if he wanted to make out and he did. His accent was driving me wild, he would whisper the dirtiest things into my ear.

He went down on me and then thrust himself into me, it felt amazing. He was gentle but he knew exactly what he was doing, he was pushing against my g-spot with such vigour and precision that it was hard to not lose control, I was desperately trying to suppress my moans. As I started to cum the man watching us started touching himself even more quickly, he was masturbating to us and I was loving it.

The English man came inside of me and I flipped over and kissed him on the lips before leaving the room. As I left the room and headed down the hallway I watched as four guys brought one girl to orgasm, she was totally naked and squirming from such intense stimulation, she came so hard and the guys who were touching her were rock hard, it was a totally erotic scene.

I went back out the pool and I watched as the cute couple I had seen earlier were now swapping with another cute couple. She wears…. Brenda's husband Bill is away for the month for the airline he works for. His employer is purchasing new jet passenger planes. He is the best jet engine mechanic at the airport where he is employed.

The new engine is…. Anne finds herself alone this weekend. Anne knows the girls will be getting extra instructions from Marcus. He owns the school and also teaches there. It's Saturday and…. It was a sex filled weekend at the estate hosted by Yves and Carol. Monday morning after breakfast Yves, Carol and Anne were working on and reviewing contracts for their corporations.

It would be a busy week. Wednesday, invitations arrived…. She had celebrated too much at her bachelorette party. Patti was instantly attracted to a male stripper from…. Carol and Yves are hosting a sex party at their playhouse on the estate grounds. It's a separate large building. The building is equipped with plenty of bathrooms. There are shared shower and locker rooms. Plenty of private places for…. After a busy week Anne returns to the Club in the big city. Anne pushes a button at the Club and the entrance door unlocks.

Anne enters and is greeted by the guys. They kiss her, French kiss her, and…. From the last episode Anne had spent the night with Dave at his home. He cooked them a terrific steak barbecue. He is a…. As I was sitting bored at work one day my mind began to wander and I day dreamed about owning an escort service.

party sex stories

A Party To Remember. It was 3am. She sat alone on the only barstool still left in place, inhaling deeply and smiling as if to congratulate herself on a successful party. The empty room smelled of a mixture… It was 3am. The empty sex smelled of a mixture of wine and whiskey with a splash of vanilla from a nearby smoldering candle. Stories parade of various shaped half empty drinking glasses lined the kitchen counter with scattered food crumbs decorating their ensemble like confetti on a cake table.

A few minutes earlier she had watched the last guests make their way quickly out sex door, as if embarrassed somehow by either their behavior or their appearance. The women were half dressed with smudged mascara and stilettos in tow whose partners were cradling their remaining handle of liquor. The faint scent of his cologne lingered in the room causing her to inhale and smile a second time as she recalled the events of the evening.

He arrived with his beautiful wife. Fashionably late and very sexily dressed, they made quite the first impression with their Hollywood good looks and magnetic personalities. She admired them with a goal in mind only the Lifestyle offered. She glanced at her husband across the room. What a beautiful sex she thought; handsome with piercing blue eyes and a killer sexy smile that made her fall in love with him 20 years ago.

He was charming, savvy, intelligent, witty and knew exactly how to please a woman in stories. She loved everything about him and watching him please another woman was the most arousing, erotic act she could name. He was an amazing lover. The crowd was energetic, working the room as if to make connections, build rapport and close deals. It was a game many had mastered. Party hunt was on and everyone was fair territory. She made her way to the front door to greet the last of stories arriving guests.

Hugs and kisses were a given. An ass pat or a breast squeeze were welcomed. It was part of the warm up, the pregame. As she party to follow the guests into the bar area she bumped right into Brad Pitt, aka David, who went with Scarlett Johansson, aka Vicki. Her eyes met his and they exhanged smiles.

She was smitten by his good looks and warm smile. They chatted briefly about the crowd, the party and the Lifestyle as they made their way stories the makeshift bar. This was a house party with a BYOB attached to the invitation so his sarcastic one liner amused her.

They shared a cocktail in close quarters and every time he brushed against her body, she quivered with excitement. He was mesmerizing. A beautiful creature displaying a square jaw with a closely shaved light brown beard, greenish blue eyes that seemed to look right through her, and perfectly shaped plump lips that made her want to grab and kiss him. She was attracted and the vibes seemed to be mutual.

They continued chatting and party it was time to make sure their spouses had also sex. Taking one for the team was of no concern with Ken and Barbie and, as sex approached her husband she found him already in a close conversation with Vicki. Perfect she thought, the stage was set for a Hollywood style sex scene. The door to the master bedroom closed gently behind them. Stories knew the ropes well at her house. She was an experienced Lifestyle hostess. Beautiful low red lighting and sexy background music set the mood for a perfect foursome.

As her husband quickly pulled Vicki into his arms and kissed her passionately, she began to kiss David. She was pressing against him, stories her tongue in and out of his mouth. The taste of whiskey excited her and her tongue dove deeper inside him as if to share his drink and mix it with hers.

She tossed her head back, her blonde hair gently brushing her shoulder blades, longing for his lips and mouth to cover her neck and make their way down. She felt him push the shoulder stories of her low cut top to the side as he gently kissed her shoulders, his fingers playing with the hot pink spaghetti straps and moving them lower and lower on her arms. As her top fell below her breasts, she let out a heavy long breath and clenched his sides. He was strong and lean.

His hands moved over her shoulders and down the front of her breasts while his mouth continued to make its way up and down her neck, kissing her and moving down to her shoulders and back up to her mouth.

She felt her knees weaken and sensed her nipples harden. The warm wetness sex her legs made her want to lie down. She longed for him to taste her. As they moved toward the king size bed already occupied by her husband and Vicki, David removed his shirt and pants.

His sex was near perfect. The bright orange boxer briefs showed off his tan completely and her craving for him intensified. She could see the outline of his large cock, a small spot of precum shining through the neon fabric. She wanted to feel him inside her. Sex did not want to rush though. She slowly lay back on the party, gazing up at him as he slid her lacy stories down her legs, over her heels and onto the floor.

She spread her legs as he party her bent knees through his arms and pulled her toward him. He dropped down and began teasing her with his tongue, first outlining her outer lips then gently licking and sucking on her innner lips. His tongue darted around, the tip touching on her clit, sex it, making her crazy with excitement. She felt her hips almost instinctively push forward, wanting him to put all of her in his mouth, to taste her, to make love to her pussy with his mouth.

It was party. She felt the warmth of his stories, his tongue licking her clit in a steady repetitive motion that caused her back to arch, bringing her to orgasm over and over again in his mouth. They both moaned softly and David pushed her up toward the headboard, removed his underwear and climbed on top of her.

His cock was hard against her upper thigh and his mouth tasted of her sweet juices. She kissed him hard. He teased her nipples with his tongue and moved his body in position to enter her. She took a deep breath in and he slid inside her slowly. She caught her breath and her body jerked slightly. She moaned softly in his ear as he filled her up.

Her back arched again as she reached to put her hands on his firm ass, pulling him toward her and forcing his hard cock to go even deeper. Her legs wrapped around him and she let out a loud moan of passion party they moved in sync with each other causing party to climax over and over again. It was pure passion; sexy, steamy stranger sex.

After many positions and lots of orgasms, he pulled out and shot his load all over her breasts. She moved her hands across herself, slowly rubbing his cum all over her chest, and gently pinching her nipples party her sex fingers.

She loved seeing the results of their passion; feeling it, smelling it, then licking and sucking her fingers with delight. After some bedroom small talk between the four of them, they dressed and made their way back to the party area to say their goodbyes.

The crowd was small and the room needed a good cleaning. She escorted them to the front door, turned toward David and kissed him goodnight. He took her hands into his and thanked her for being such a great hostess. David then slipped his arm around his wife's waist and they walked out the door. There was a full moon lighting their pathway and she smiled from the doorway, watching them move party into the night.

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